Choosing a Detox to Pass a Drug Test

Choosing a Detox to Pass a Drug Test

It's a very difficult decision to try and pick the right detox for you. There usually isn't one easy answer as every user is different, this also goes for what type of test they will be taking. So we try to give you a few choices when it comes time to take your drug test. Essentially the choice is really up to you, the user and with a little bit of info we can walk you into the best detox for your test.

It is best to stop using drugs and allow your body time to naturally detoxify. Drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise can also help speed up the detoxification process. The best way to pass a drug test is to abstain from drug use and allow your body time to naturally detoxify.

This article won't attempt to pass any judgment or make claims about whether one should or should not partake in marijuana use. This article assumes that you may regularly participate in marijuana and wish to continue doing so without facing the myriad consequences that may come from failing drug tests that screen for THC use.

The five most common drug testing methods are:

  • Blood Test
  • Breath Test
  • Hair Test
  • Saliva Test
  • Urine Test (most infamous method)

Lets take a look at your options:


Strip 7 Day Detox  Strip 5 Day Cleanse both products detoxify the whole body and remain clean till you use again.  What it offers is thorough and effective removal of toxins inside the body and ensuring that you will end up with a clean, pure body from the inside while also ensuring that you do not feel awful after the process. Feel revitalized, freshened up and lighter with the help of this comprehensive system. If you are just trying to keep your body free from toxins or if you are someone who needs a thorough clean up due to bad lifestyle choices, you can benefit from the Strip Cleansing Program.

Masking Agents

Masking Agents are just that, a temporary solution, Pure Detox, Detoxify and a few others. They work for a set amount of time and when your body breaks them down you are dirty again. With that being said these are the most popular products with a success rate of around 90% of time.

Specifically, these cleansers:

  • Work for urine tests (only)
  • Start working within 90 minutes of use
  • Last for up to 6 hours
  • Work for all toxins

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine technology is way more advanced than people give it credit for. Synthetic urine is fake urine made like human urine chemically, even containing uric acid. Synthetic urine will help you pass any urine test requiring your urine sample.

Whizz Kit is one company that sells synthetic urine that you can put in place of your urine sample to pass a urine drug test.

The Clean Kit provides everything but the urine. 

Urine Tests

  These are different litmus test drug testing kits that can give you an idea where you are at according to certain test standards.  Tests come in single panel or multi-panel (where they test several levels or different drugs) So depending on what you need to test for there are different test. For THC, Hemp Roots  has 15ng, 20ng, 50ng and a multi panel THC tester.  Most pre access job tests will test for 50ng.  However some can test as low as 15ng.  For cocaine the standard is 150ng.

Saliva Test

Hemp Roots has THC saliva test in stock.

Oral cleaner  Strip Oral Cleanser Scientifically formulated to remove unwanted toxins immediately. Strip Oral Cleanser provides a safe, effective way to help cleanse the mouth of unwanted toxins that may build up over time.

These are some of the products in the market. Hemp Roots has used these products for the last 20 plus years and we are comfortable recommending them. Our success rate is over 90%. As always feel free to talk to us. 

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