The difference between Disposable Nicotine Vaporizers and Cigarettes

The difference between Disposable Nicotine Vaporizers and Cigarettes

One of the biggest differences between a cigarettes and disposable vapes is the range and variety of flavours available. For some smokers looking to transition to vaping this may not be a big deal, as they may simply want to stick to tobacco flavours —which is of course entirely possible. 

As there is no combustion involved in vaping, there is no burnt, smoky smell, and although vape liquids do leave behind a smell, this is typically much milder than cigarette smoke, dissipates faster, and does not linger on surfaces to the same extent.
Since vape liquids are available in a variety of flavours, it’s always possible that your choice of e-liquid may even smell pleasant to those around you.
After all, wouldn’t you rather smell like a bakery or a fruit salad than an ashtray? 

Disposable vapes have become an increasingly popular choice of e-cigarette over the past,  However, many smokers may still have questions regarding what exactly disposables are, how they work, whether they’re safe, and whether they’re a better choice than traditional cigarettes.

The general consensus among public health bodies is that disposables are in fact a healthier choice than cigarettes, and can be an extremely effective tool to assist people who are looking for a viable, manageable way to quit smoking.

This blog will systematically breaks down the workings of disposable vapes, and how they compare to cigarettes in terms of things like ingredients, cost, convenience, and health effects. Our hope is that by allaying fears that smokers may have about switching to vaping, our readers will have a clear-eyed overview of the subject, and be able to decide for themselves whether a disposable e-cigarette may be the right choice to switch from tobacco smoking to disposable vaporizers.

Disposable's vs Cigarette Ingredients Comparison

Disposable vapes contain only a few, select ingredients as indeed do all e-cigarette and e-liquid products. In addition, strict industry regulations have ensured that all vaping products are safe for intended use —meaning that any myths or scare stories you may have heard about what vapes do or don’t contain can be safely discounted.

The vaping industry today is highly regulated; in the Canada, all e-cigarettes and e-liquids require approval from the Health Canada before they can be sold, and all legitimate products have an ECID, a unique identifier assigned for regulatory purposes. 

What this means is that all ingredients in disposable vapes(and other e-cigarettes and e-liquids) are subject to strict review, and that we do in fact know what we’re getting when we use them. Of course, the tobacco industry is also heavily regulated, so we know what we’re getting when we smoke a cigarette; thus we also know that the combustion of commercially available tobacco produces a dizzying cocktail of harmful chemicals, chief among these being tar and carbon monoxide.

By contrast, e-liquid  only contains four types of ingredients; two food-grade carrier oils —Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) —flavouring, and nicotine. Furthermore, nicotine levels in all vaping products are heavily regulated; for all disposable vapes, the maximum nicotine content may not exceed 20mg/ml, i.e. 2% nicotine.

The crucial takeaway from all this is not that e-cigarettes are necessarily entirely safe, but that it’s fair to say they are safer than traditional cigarettes. As always, we would like to point out that all vapes —and other nicotine products —are aimed at pre-existing smokers, and should not be used by non-smokers.

In order to help as many smokers as possible transition to vaping in a way that works them, disposables are also manufactured in various flavours.

Disposable's vs Cigarette  Flavour Comparison

One of the biggest differences between a cigarette and disposable vapes is the range and variety of flavours available. For some smokers looking to transition to vaping this may not be a big deal, as they may simply want to stick to tobacco flavours —which is of course entirely possible.

On the other hand, when trying to break a smoking habit, many may find it helpful to break the association with smoking by moving away from tobacco flavours, and there is a broad selection to choose from. Fruity, fresh, sweet, or somewhere in between?
With over ten disposable vape brands to choose from at Hemp Roots, the possibilities are myriad. The disposable vape flavours we have on offer tend to fall into one or more of these main categories:

●Soft Drinks
●Mint and Menthol

We carry most of the popular brands like GCore, Elf Bar, Rufpuf. Flavor Beast, Hypersonic, Mr. Frog, Quizz, Envi, Drip'n, Z pods

Whilst the choice of trading in cigarettes for a fresher flavour may be tempting for many smokers, others still may be more concerned about another key factor: the cost.

Disposable's vs Cigarette  Price Comparison

How do we compare the cost of a disposable vape to the cost of smoking? After all, a packet of cigarettes and a disposable vape aren’t direct equals. Nonetheless, there’s a simple way of breaking this down in order to show how far your money will take you.
The price of a disposable vape varies somewhat according to factors such as puff count per device. Let’s use Elf Bar as an example:

●$ 31.00 per device
●Each device gives approximately 5000 puffs. 
●That’s roughly equivalent to 250 cigarettes.

By this measurement, 1 cigarette is 20 puffs. By contrast, the Canadian market price for a 25-pack of cigarettes tends to sit somewhere between $ 12 to $15. If we split the difference, then:
●Average price for a pack is $13.50,
●for 25 cigarettes,
●which is 500 puffs. or 10 packs of cigarettes average cost $135.00.!

What it works out to, then, is disposable vapes being on average less than half the price of cigarettes. There’s not much more to say on this front: by any reasonable metric, disposable vaping —indeed, vaping generally —is cheaper than smoking.
Although it’s decidedly cheaper, some smokers may worry that switching to vaping is inconvenient or otherwise difficult, which is the next point we’ll examine.

Disposable's vs Cigarette Convenience Comparison

If you’ve ever thought that vape kits seem like they require a bunch of technical know-how, there’s no need to worry; disposable vapes were designed specifically to dispel such fears.

Disposable vapes have been designed, in the first instance, according to a single guiding principle: convenience. For many, what this ends up translating to in reality is user-friendliness. More directly, these are the key features of any disposable vape:

●They are pre-filled, and come with e-liquid already in the tank.
●They are pre-charged, ready for use straight from the packet.
●They are draw-activated; you simply put the device to your lips and inhale to switch it on —it will automatically switch off when not in use.

As such, disposable vapes sidestep, by design, any of the initial setup required for standard vape kits. Arguably, they have cigarettes beat out on convenience too. By contrast, cigarettes still require:

●A lighter or other form of ignition.
●Access to a suitable receptacle for ashing, and
●Somewhere to responsibly dispose of stubs.

Disposable e-cigs leave no residue and, once the device is empty, it can easily be stored on your person until you have the opportunity to dispose of it in a suitable bin. As a final point on convenience: sometimes a puff or two is all you want or have time for. Surely many smokers have had the experience of sparking up and then —for whatever reason —not being able to finish a whole cigarette. A disposable vape gives you more freedom, so you can have a quick drag before getting on with whatever’s at hand, and simply pop the device back into your pocket for later.
So far, we’ve seen that disposables are cheaper and more convenient than cigarettes —but are they actually any better for you?

Disposable's vs Cigarette Health Comparison

Put simply, vaping is less harmful than smoking. However, we cannot stress enough that disposable vapes—and all other vaping products —are aimed at smokers or other preexisting nicotine users as a smoking cessation aid. Vaping is simply a viable tool to help people quit smoking.
That being said, it is fair to say that vaping is healthier than smoking. A landmark independent study published by Public Health England in 2015 reached the conclusion that vaping is estimated to be 95% less harmful than smoking. Signs point toward vaping being less damaging than smoking to your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. As well as being less damaging to yourself; it’s less damaging to others around you, with studies showing that “second-hand” vapour has no effect on bystanders, unlike second-hand smoke

Further updated evidence commissioned by Public Health England also suggests that vaping is positively associated with smoking cessation —the key takeaway is that there needs to be an increased public perception of the lower harm associated with vaping.
The condensed version of this is straightforward: vaping is not healthy in and of itself, but crucially is it far less unhealthy than smoking. As an upside, switching to vaping is also far likelier to help you quit smoking for good.
Overall, we think it’s fair to say that disposable vapes have cigarettes beat in every way that matters; they’re cheaper, safer, more convenient, and less harmful. We know that quitting smoking is hard, but making the switch to a disposable vape today is a great first step in the right direction.

 Disposables at Hemp Roots

At Hemp Roots, we exist to make your life better. We believe that offering our customers a series of viable alternatives —such as disposable e-cigarettes—brings us closer to achieving that goal. Cheaper, more convenient, and less harmful than traditional cigarettes, disposable vapes are a great first step on your quit smoking journey.

If it sounds like a disposable could be the right thing to help you get off cigarettes, and switch to disposable vapes,  just get in touch with us directly, or head over to Hemp Roots vape shop where our staff will be ready to help you with friendly, expert advice.

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