Collection: Storage & Dug Outs

Dugouts are the perfect travel-friendly solution for smokers on the go. Pack the chamber full of your favorite legal herbs and use the included bat for a quick hit. We also have easy to use PUSH or TWIST style ejector bats available.

A dugout pipe consists of a hand-held sized container with hollowed out storage chambers to fit a one hitter pipe, poker tool and ground up herbal material. Our wood style dugouts have a swivel-style top for access to the storage chambers inside.

To use, fill the pipe bowl by twisting the tip of the one hitter pipe into your ground up material. Light the material in the bowl with a lighter or hemp beeline for a quick discreet puff and then stash the pipe back in the dugout chamber for storage.

Our dugout pipes are available in a variety of natural exotic wood types with attractive and prominent grain patterns. We also have LighterPick Dugouts which are full waterproof and smell-proof