Cannabis Seeds

I am trying to decide what to do with cannabis seeds. The Goverment says no but it does not give a reason why. The goverment also says that it is regulatory and not criminal. In simple words an inspector has juristriction not the police. The cannabis seed companies say the cannabis seeds are THC free and they should not be regulated the same as cannabis The goverment allows everyone to grow 4 plants and the cannabis dispensaries do not have a selection of cannabis seeds.

A lot of my customers are asking me to bring cannabis seeds back.

Rumor has it that one store that carried cannabis seeds in Calgary got charged but the charges were droped I do not know if it is true or not.

A  few of the cannabis seed companies contacted me recently offeing to stock my store with cannabis seeds and if I get charged they will pay all legal fees, The cannabis seed companies want to challenge the law in court.

I am at the crossroads, do I take the cannabis seed companies offer or not? Do I stock cannabis seeds under the counter and only sell to the people that I know? how do I deal when someone call and asks, do you sell cannabis seeds? I have questions but no answers. 

Stay tuned I will let you know what I decide, however if I decide to do undercounter I will not say anything. Crop King seeds sent me a few cannabis single seed packs to give away stop by the north store  if I have any left you are welcome to it.