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Blossom PH Control 20 G

Blossom PH Control 20 G

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Blossom Blood has earned the reputation as a premium floral product. 

The addition of Blossom Blood to a nutrient
reservoir during the flowering stage of a plant will promote fuller buds and flowers utilizing selective pH control.

Developed for stabilization and floral production in hydroponic applications, Blossom Blood may also be used in soilless

growing mediums. Blossom Blood is a specific type of pH buffer salt. It is not a plant food. 

It is compatible with all quality

Complete instructions are on each package for use in hydroponics and soilless growing mix.

There are other look alike products in the market that can be mistakenly sold and used.

Remember if the package you buy has any numbers on the label, you are buying a plant food…not Blossom Blood. 

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