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Clearing Solution is used to replace the nutrient in the final days before removing a floral crop from your growing system. Clearing Solution induces a stress on the plants system forcing reactions within the plant. DO NOT foliar spray Clearing Solution. DO NOT mix Clearing Solution with nutrients.

WHEN TO USE: Use Clearing Solution at least one (1) week before the final harvesting. Longer periods may be beneficial, depending on the crop.

HYDROPONICS: Drain your nutrient reservoir and refill with fresh water. Add 5 ml of Clearing Solution for every litre (1 tsp/qt) of water your reservoir holds. Mix well and adjust to pH 5.5

POTTING SOIL: Mix 15 ml/litre (3 tsp/qt) and soak the soil until the solution runs out the bottom.

OTHER USES: To correct excess nutrient accumulation, drain your nutrient and use Clearing Solution for 1 to 2 days to reduce old nutrient from your growing medium and restore your roots back to a healthy feeding pattern. Clearing Solution is NOT a plant food so drain and refill your reservoir with fresh nutrients.

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