Gaia Green Greensand
Gaia Green Greensand

Gaia Green Greensand

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  • GAIA GREEN Greensand is a mined iron potassium silicate mineral from algae sea shore deposits. It provides iron, potassium, and a broad spectrum of other trace elements while also helping to loosen hard soil and improve the moisture and nutrient retention capacity of the soil.
  • Gaia Green Greensand is in its pure, unaltered form with no synthetic additives or chemicals. It has a gritty greenish colour and is valued as a slow release source of potash and other essential minerals. We recommend mixing this with Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust for a broader spectrum of nutrients for your plants and garden
  • Improve the mineral content of your soil to produce stronger, healthier, more robust plants. As it breaks down in your soil over time, it will release its nutrients
  • One of greensand's biggest benefits is its ability to break up clay, allowing for increased drainage, and for more air to penetrate into the soil. It is safe and non toxic to humans and animals.
  • Natural, clean, safe and Ecocert approved for organic agriculture. Ingredients: Greensand