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Rambridge Green-Up (1 – 3.5 – 0) is designed to reduce yellowing when cuttings are rooting. It has the ability to feed a cutting before the roots have developed. DO NOT foliar spray Green-Up directly on cuttings, seedlings or maturing plants. Green-Up is compatible with all quality brand name nutrients. Can be used on mature plants to reduce yellowing on lower leaves in flowering stage.

Use Green-Up to reduce yellowing in clones while they develop new roots. Mix 3 ml of Green-Up into a litre (1/2 tsp/qt) of water. Use this water to do the initial soaking of your rockwool cubes or rooting medium, prior to placing in your cuttings. DO NOT repeat treatment. Works with all rooting compounds.

HYDROPONICS: Green-Up encourages very aggressive vegetative growth in young plants when it is added in with your hydroponic nutrient (in the reservoir). Add 5 ml of Green-Up for every litre (1 tsp/qt) of nutrient your reservoir holds. Mix in well and adjust the pH of your nutrient solution.

POTTING SOIL: Add 5 ml to 1 litre (1 tsp/qt) of water. Apply two (2) applications for soil growing.

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