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HGA Prop 64 kit

HGA Prop 64 kit

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Propagators that make you start your cultivation earlier

With the use of a propagator you can start germinating seeds earlier. Your cultivation can start earlier and with stronger and better developed plants.
Increase your rate of success

With the use of a highly transparent cover, the growing area can be closed of, creating a much better controlled germinating and growing environment. The top range models are equiped with ventilation slides to regulate humidity These slides can also help managing temperature, especially when the propagator has been extended with a heating source like a heating mat or cable. This manageability creates a much better germinating and growing environment, which will increase the rate of success significantly.
Injection moulded top quality

The injection moulded propagators of HGA Garden have a big wall thickness to make them sturdy and strong. They are build to last for years. Easy to clean polypropylene trays combined with highly transparent polystyrene covers.
For everyone

The HGA line of propagators cover the most commonly used sizes and qualities. From small ones for children or starting hobbyist, windowsill sizes, up to big ones for professional horticulturists.

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