Iivy Rolling Filler 14 grams

Iivy Rolling Filler 14 grams

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Iivy Rolling Filler 14 grams

Mix in it

100 % natural rolling filler

100 % tobaco free No cannabis thc or cbd

All Natural Non-GMO

Seasonally harvested north american-source herbs

Mixed Milld and ready to used right out the tin

Made in Canadain a CFIA and FDA accredited facility


Tranqui Tonic

Neutral and soothing

Mullein, Marjoram, Uva Ursi and Morenga.


Serene Spark

Smooth nd Minty

Mullein, Lemon Balm, Galendula, sage & sweet mint.


Savoury Secret

Pleasing Aroma

Mullein, Damiana, butterfly Pea flower & passionflower.



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